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Mount Einos

einos kefalonia, ainos kefalonia mountain
Kefalonia's stunning tree covered mountain Mount Ainos is the largest mountain of the Ionian region, and is part of the Greek mountain ranges that emerged from the Tethys Sea about 65.000.000 years ago. The mountain's highest peak, Megalos Soros, reaches 1,626 meters, and the third highest mountain in Greece. The forested area of the range now covers an area of 2826 hectares. Mount Roudi is an extension of this range to the north-west, the highest peak being Yioutari, which rises to 1125m. The mountain is covered with the unique Abies Cefalonica,(Kefalonian firs,) which only grow in this area
In 1962, Ainos forest was declared a national park and is now protected by law.
In the past many years ago the Venetians named Mount Ainos Monte Nero which originates from the Italian language and means 'Black Mountain'., this was due to the density of the forest.
From the summit on a clear day you can see the neighboring island of Zante to the south, Lefkada to the north and Ithaca to the east. The views are simply stunning. you can see the villages and coastline which look like tiny miniature buildings. Don't forget your camera capture the fantastic scenery. Over the years Ainos gained an international reputation as Kefalonia's black forest.
A tarmac road leads to the radar station with the most beautiful views of the Omala Valley. This smooth surface ends at the radar station. It is possible to drive to the highest point, be warned the track is extremely rough and loose with large potholes, once you pass the military area. A jeep is probably the best vehicle to experience this trip, but a salon if driven slowly will get you to the summit, just be prepared for a bone shaking trip. You know you have reached the summit when you come to the tall masts. Here there are radio and television towers and a radar base for the NATO defense forces.
For the very fit you can walk to the top, or even a slightly shorter walk and stop at the picnic area, here there are tables and benches as well as a childs play section.
For over 100 years Mount Ainos is the home of a certain species of wild horses. It is said that they have descended from the Greek breed, the Pindos horses, which were originally from the Aetoloakarnania region in the Greek mainland. They live around the mountain slopes, in the area above Arginia village where the Monastery of Zoodohou Pigis is situated. This is probably due to the natural vegetation that is in that area and the water supply. The horses are extremely shy and will disappear into the trees at the slightest evidence of man by sight or smell.
The summer of 2001 was the driest for 110 years on Kefalonia, and the winter was one of the harshest on record. Due to these environmental conditions, the wild horses of Mount Ainos are under a greater threat of extinction than ever before.
Many of examples can be seen at Davgata Natural History Museum.
The vegetation on Ainos not only comprises of the Kefalonia Fir, but many others including; Kermes Oak, Wild Strawberries, Judas Trees, Carobs and Hawthorns to name but a few. You will be able to see many species of pretty coloured wild flowers and fungus.
The Fauna of the Nation Park is home to many species the following Common Toad, Tortoises, Vipers, Legless Lizards and Squirrels. Birds such as the woodpecker, blackbird and hawk are also at home here.
There are many traditions associated with Mt Ainos. The most famous possibly being the legend of the dragon of Ainos. On it's highest peak Megalos Soros there was once an alter this was dedicated to Zeus. In recent years a discovery of fossilized animal bones have been made, these were the bones of animals that were sacrificed to the God Zeus. When the smoke could be seen rising in the sky from a sacrifice subsequently on the tiny island of Dias a second sacrifice would commence.
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