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Traveling with Children

travelling with children to kefalonia

Equipment you may need to take for your child on your trip to Kefalonia 

In this section I have tried to cover lots of different options, basically it is there to help parents who are traveling maybe for the first time abroad with a young child.

If you have your own private jet then you may like to take everything, but if like me you usually fly with the travel company then space and luggage weight is the all important factor. Try to prioritize your child's needs, take things which will make you feel happy and more secure.

You can always email me for advice or maybe there is just something you wish to ask me, I  will always attempt to help and answer you to the best of my ability.

I am not a professional travel writer ect, but I have traveled many times particularly to Greece and usually with a baby or children in tow over the past 13 years and as a  mum of four and an ex Child minder who has been around children and had to arrange trips ect.. I think in a position to help other mums who might not have been abroad with young ones before.   

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The biggest item you will travel with is probably your buggy or pushchair.

I took a rugged 3 wheeler which was great but remember to take a pump and deflate the tyres before flying if they have air tyres.

I would recommend taking a lie back buggy what ever the age of the child using it.

If they get tired they can recline and will be more comfy.

If you are planning sight seeing and getting out and about then the 3 wheeler was perfect, it managed the rough ground with ease and when folded  it fitted nicely in the tiny boot space of the jeep we hired secured with a bungee rope. Obviously take the buggy of your choice. The pushchair does not count as part of your luggage weight limit.

One thing to bear in mind as trivial as it may be a buggy with swivel wheels are a good idea as some restaurants and shops are tight for space  you may have to maneuver between tables and chairs. 

Car Hire

If you do decide to hire a car check it will have a car seat fitted.

We had a jeep for a fortnight and ordered the seat at the time of ordering the car.

We took two buggy sun parasols , fitted one to the car seat for when we were out and about and one for the buggy. They fold tightly , weigh nothing and gives you piece of mind  while out traveling.

I would also recommend using a buggy liner or the seat section of a foot muff as some buggy seat fabric seem to sweat and in the Kef heat it magnifies.

Something to secure you buggy in the back of a jeep( if you decide to hire one) our 3 wheeler bounce out of the boot space one day when we hit a bump in the road  we did not secure it tight enough!! 

A spare towel or table cloth sounds weird but you can not always get out of the sun completely especially when out in a car/jeep, we draped a towel over our baby just to keep the sun off a little. It worked he never ever got sun burnt and we spent two weeks out in the jeep touring from the summit of Mount Einos to lazing on the beach at Xi (when we took our baby Xi to show him the place we named him after.)   

Bed time

Sleep time may be a problem for parents of young infants, not all accommodation supply cots or travel cots.

Try the pop up lightweight bassinets for the younger babes, these are about £25.00 and look a little like a pop up moses basket, they fold flat and weigh nothing.

Travel cots can be bulky and heavy but may give you a secure item to place your little one in especially if you are worried about them slipping on hard stone, marble shiny floors. Travel cots are also handy if you have a balcony and wish to have the doors open for fresh air, remember not all accommodation will have air conditioning.

A gro bag or babies sleeping bag (summer tog) maybe an idea, it depends what time of year you are traveling, We found it got chilly at night (sept). 

A fold up bed guard is a good option if your child sleeps in a bed.

  If your child is not yet dry through the night every night try the pull up pants designed for night time or try taking a protective sheet, you do not really want to restrict your child's fluid intake as they may dehydrate in the warmer weather, neither do you want to fuss about wet beds. My children's beds did not have a plastic sheet on when we visited Kef, but they were dry at night so not a problem, but may have been if they were not dry at night and I had nothing to protect the beds.  

Food And Drinks

If your child still uses a bottle take a bottle brush.

If you are still sterilizing the bottles and do not want to take your  own equipment, remember the weight limit then use the washing up bowl in your apartment or purchase one over there and sterilize the bottles using the cold water method and the Milton tablets, again remember you will have to buy lots of bottled water.

You can make the bottles throughout the day as detailed in the Airport section.

If you use formula milk and do not want to take the tins try the pouches in the boxed formula or buy it out there. Just remember you will need enough for a days supply on your departure day, allow for delays ect.. 

If you do not want to chance buying baby food on holiday take packets of dry food and take out pre measured amounts day to day. Kefalonia has some lovely Greek dry baby food which is made in the same way as dry food you buy here .I think they were made by Milupa my baby loved and we even tried buying once home but with no success. 

Baby drinks like juice, or just plenty of bottled water. 

You can buy dried baby drinks these are granules which you make up with cooled boiled water. 

Take a few small plastic bowls for baby food and plastic spoons. 

Food bags are also good for storing dirty things like spoon and small bowls. 

You may like to use disposable bibs, this takes away washing stained bibs and having to carry around yet more soiled smelly things.

Sun Sand And Sea 

Obviously keeping your little ones safe in the sun is high on most parents list. The all in one sun suits were great, they have a sun filter build into the fabric and are so soft and comfy and they dry quickly when they have been for a paddle! Our baby was 10 months old the last trip we made to Kef and he wore one of these suits everyday- all day, and in the evenings wore the original shorts and tee set 

For the sun protection I found using Sunnies I think they were by Pampers and were wet wipe type cloths but pre loaded with a high factor sun screen, much easier than fighting a baby/child with thick lotion which has to be rubbed in and also I found some creams stained clothing. 

If your baby/toddler likes the water try an inflatable swim seat, it may give you a little freedom in the water not having your baby clinging to you, you obviously donít leave  them  or let them fend for themselves ect but at least you may have an arm or two free. 

Swim nappies or Aqua nappies are a great idea if you have a youngster who like the water. These are slightly padded waterproof pants or nappy shaped garments and come in a wide choice of designs, no worries about a floating escapee from a nappy in the pool!! 

Rock shoes as some of the beaches have shingle and small pebbles. 

Good sun hats which fasten are a bonus. Caps are fine but may blow off if your going around in an open top car. 

A child's small fan which clips onto the cot or buggy may be a good idea. These retail at around £8.00 - £10.00, we never had one but you may like to try it.



Buy lots of dummies here if required as they can be expensive in Kefalonia.

A soother holder. 

Reigns or a wrist strap for out and about. 

A favorite toy or two. 

Calpol sachets for well really anything, you just never know. 

I would also recommend some dyoralite or something similar suitable for the age of your child these are uses to replace salts ect lost when you have a tummy upset. 

Pack a packet of plasters, useful for everyone. 

I have found some modern and well stocked Chemists in Kefalonia so do not worry if you need to visit one.

These sold everything from make up to baby milks. 

One hint as babies and children have vaccinations in the early years make sure your child has a two week space between any vaccinations they are due to have and your holiday, just incase of a reaction. 

Bonjela if they are of teething age. 

Babies/children's protective sunglasses, these can be brought from around £5.00, we use them and need them in the sunshine why not the kids? as the light is bright in Kefalonia ,it seems to be a sharper light, the clarity is different than a sunny day in Britain, hard to explain. 

Small hand held battery fan for coach trips  not every bus or coach will have air conditioning you may only be 10 minutes from the airport, or you may have a longer journey and in the heat anything which helps cool you and the child down can only help. 

You may wish to pack nappies in your case so you need not worry about purchasing them once on holiday, they do sell well know brand of nappies in the super markets and chemists. 

Mosquito burner and tablets, these devises plug in  and are a deterrent to mosses and other flying pests. 

Insect repellent suitable for child's age. 

Light blanket just for night time to keep on the buggy your child may get chilly at night and you may wish to stay out longer walking around the shops or strolling along the beach, harbour or relaxing having a meal outside, if your child is tired and uncomfortable for whatever reason then they will let you know, whereas if they are settled comfy and warm you never know they may just go to sleep in the buggy and you have time to yourselves. What's that??? This is where a reclining buggy helps the number of times we have been out and about( not just on an evening) and seen a baby or child sat upright in a lightweight buggy trying to get comfy and their head is wobbling to and fro and they can not settle comfortably and  they get grumpy ect. 

BABIES PASSPORT, your child may need its own passport, my older children are already on mine when the new requirements came out  and were under the age of where they need one of their own but my baby was not on my passport so he has a passport just like mine and his dads!! Photo too, silly really I think as he now looks nothing like he  did now he is 22 months to how he looks on his passport photo aged 7 months.  

Take out adequate travel insurance for your family


 In this section I have tried to give a little insight and give ideas to help you when you embark on your lovely trip to kefalonia. Getting there is where it all begins!!
The airport is probably the first stop you will make on your holiday. British airports cater to some extent for things you may need, but the best advice I can share with you is to go prepared.
If baby is bottle fed then take a couple of the small ready to feed cartons with you, these are great and convenient and can be served without heating, but if your baby does not like the milk at room temperature and you do not want the hastle of finding airport staff to warm the bottle then try taking a slimline thermos flask full of boiling water and make your babies bottle( pre sterilized ) if required already filled with a small amount of pre boiled cooled water add the boiling water to the cooled water and you should have a bottle at the right temperature for your baby. Practice one day at home to find out what the correct measurement of water is right for your babies size feeds, I found that for a 7oz bottle I would have 4 oz of the cooled water and add 3 oz of the boiling water.You can buy milk powder containers which have sealed compartment for pre-measured powder, these can also be used for dried baby food. Personally I would take a days milk supply with you and have it to hand, in your hand luggage, even though you are not flying far you can not predict a flight delay or when you arrive the shops may be shut , remember that most British traveler's will use bottled water while on their holiday, so if you have your supply it is not a problem for you.
If baby is on solids then the jars and tins of baby foods are convenient. You can try making dried baby food by mixing it with the hot water from a flask in much the same way as I have hinted for the milk feeds, again for the same sort of reasons as above eg baby likes warm food ect..
Always have a good supply of nappies and wet wipes in your hand luggage. Take disposable bibs so you wont have to worry about washing smelly bibs.
Take extra dummies in a clean food bag if required. Even if your baby does not have a dummy normally just take one for the take off, remember they can not suck boiled sweets as recommended for us( regarding the change of pressure in the aircraft)
Pack some spare lightweight clothes and a cardi a sun hat ,depending on your flight times, you may arrive at night and need a cardi or in the day and need a hat.
Keep insect repellent suitable for babies handy as you may wish to use it when you arrive, especially if it is in the evening.
Even keep sun protection near to hand
If your baby sleeps quite frequently then ask the check in staff if you can have the use of your pushchair until you board, a baby can feel heavy when your struggling with bags ect--.
Take something familiar, a soft toy, soft baby book, just for back up.
The trip with a toddler can seem daunting but if you go prepared it will help take the strain off a little. Take non spill drink cups with you theyre handy for travelling where ever.
If child is under two you will have to supply their meals they will not be given one on the plane.
Try a small packed lunch with things they like and a couple of juices, (airport drinks can be exspensive)
Wet wipes and nappies if they still use them will be better packed in hand luggage.
Spare clothing too as they may get sticky ect.
Small packet of sweets for take off
Keep some insect repellent handy for evening arrivals, they wont want to be bitten as soon as they arrive.
Again sun protection is handy if packed in hand luggage.
Hat or cardi, really its not much different travelling with a toddler as opposed to travelling with a baby, you may like to ditch the buggy at the check in desk and use reigns or a wrist strap for the rest of your duration at the airport.
Let them take a familiar toy or book to amuse them, if theyre calm and happy the bet is you will be too.
Depending on the age it generally should be easier than the above cases.
I always travel with wet wipes when the kids are in tow.
Let them take a book or a toy, my kids take hand held games, it keeps them quiet!!
If they demand they take their pocket money or spending money then put it into a money belt or bum bag handy for their game boys too.
Hat or cardi
Insect repellent and sun lotion depending on your time of arrival.
I let my older children keep their mobile phones on them just incase we lose them in the airport!!
Needless to say they can not have them switched on while flying.

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