Malibu Pool Bar, Lassi

Discussion in 'Lassi' started by Pickitson, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Pickitson

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    Just found this group - and enjoying reading thru some of the threads!

    I was flicking thru TripAdvisor the other day I was surprised and a little sad to hear that the Malibu Pool Bar was now closed and in a sorry state with the pool filled in with rubble etc. (can anyone confirm this?)

    Over the years, we used to frequent the Malibu a lot having stayed at Silo, Aloni, White House and latterly the Angelika. There was a nice feel to it; the pool was a good size – and it did a great breakfast and snacks...

    Admitedly, the last time we stayed in Lassi (about 2009) it was no longer doing hot food and business seemed slack.

    Cheers K
  2. Smel

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    Yes unfortunately Malibu is no longer, when we walked past it last year they had dug up the pool, I've heard it was all to with tax on the pool so they dug it up. It looks very sad , it was good pool.


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